About Me


Hello lovely new viewer. I am glad that you are curious about the crazy person writing on this blog. Since you and I may not have met previously, here are a few facts about me:

I am 19 years young and a lover of classic literature, Nutella, and Netflix. I know, I already sound basic. Anyway, I am currently in the process of getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources, and I love anything related to educational opportunities, business opportunities, law, feminism, civil rights movements, ethnic studies, and anything else that would stimulate my brain or make the world a better place. I am originally  from the land of vampires, also known as Romania, and since nobody can pronounce my name correctly ( Julia), I get called Goolia/Hoolia on a daily basis. I also enjoy nature, whether it’s simply the beach or a going on a hike in the mountains, and I am passionate about health, even though it takes everything in me to get myself to work out and not stuff my face with fried chicken and Nutella. I decided to start this blog in hopes of lessening my boredom, improving my writing skills, and potentially helping the readers of this blog in any way, shape, or form with what I will be writing about. I hope to entertain whoever is reading this, and if by chance nobody ends up reading this blog, I shall still be content because I simply enjoy writing. Plus, if I embarrass myself on here for a few years, I can always entertain my future children with this blog’s posts. 🙂

-Giulia ♥



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