Why the Dollar Store ?


Most people do not shop at the Dollar Tree due to the stigma that “if it’s actually a dollar, it must not be quality.” However, the majority of people do not know that the Dollar Tree not only sells name brand items, but its generic brand items work just as well as the famous ones. I absolutely love the Dollar Tree as a college student, and I saved hundreds of dollars by shopping there for cleaning supplies, silverware and kitchen items, and anything else that I need on a daily basis. With that being said, here are some of the items I recommend that you always buy at the Dollar Tree rather than Walmart, Target, or any other place:

  • School and Office Supplies  
    • The Dollar Tree has pretty much absolutely any item that you may need at school or in your office area. Most of them come in packs as well, and instead of it coming out to 5 dollars or more per item at the register, everything is only a dollar. They also have a variety of patterns and colors for their folders, pens, staplers, and notebooks as well.


  • Kitchen Utensils
    • I bet most of you did not know that this store sells Betty Crocker kitchenware and food items. You can find utensils, containers of any size, plates, and silverware ( they have multiple colors and patterns). Moreover, you can find towels, plastic bags, aluminium foil, and pretty much anything needed in the kitchen at all times at the Dollar Tree. I used to think that Walmart was the best for this type of stuff, but sometimes the Dollar Tree just beats it.



  • Food
    • The Dollar Store might not be the best place to shop for food at times, but you can count on their candy, cereal, iced coffee, creamers, bread, prepackaged/nonperishable, or frozen section items to be edible and safe. I’ve frequently bought my coffee&creamers, nutrition bars, peanut butter&jelly, and any rice and pasta things from there. I can honestly say that I have never had any problems. The only items I don’t buy from the food section at the Dollar Tree are the dairy items, because sometimes the expiration dates are wrong and I don’t want to mess with that at all. I highly recommend everything else though. 🙂
  • Water Bottles and Tumblers


They are efficient, cute, and one dollar. Enough said.

  • Organization

Are you the type of person who likes to use containers to organize and maximize the space in your house? Check out the Dollar Tree organizational section !


  • Cleaning Supplies

If you like any Lysol product, or are in need of dish soap, hand soap, sponges, cleaning brushes, mops, or anything of that sort, you can find them at the Dollar Store.


cleaning kit 4dollar-tree-household-cleaning-supplies-e1435110496994

  • Girl Products


Any hair ties, hair brushes, hair clips/pins, combs, makeup, makeup remover wipes,fuzzy socks, or cotton balls/pads that you need? You’ll definitely find them at the Dollar Tree. They sell Elf makeup ( I loooove Elf because it’s cheap and GREAT quality), and even Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Covergirl at times.


These are just some of the things that I usually go for at the Dollar Tree, but I highly encourage you to make your own trip and see what you find…especially if you’re moving into your own place or going to college soon. You will save so much money, and I promise you that you won’t regret it!



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