Rediscovering Creativity


This past week I found myself in the midst of some financial burdens involving college-related things such as buying my books for next semester, paying for food, and paying monthly phone bills. My first thought in solving this problem involved selling everything I have that can be considered “expensive” in order to get some money in the bank. However, as I was thinking about selling my camera ( which I’ve only had for about a month or so) I started to feel quite sad. I’ve only had it for a short time ( shout out to my friend Ramon for showing me which one to get as a beginner ), and I was just starting to learn how to shoot manually and get the results I wanted. Most of my friends who have seen my pictures seemed to think I was pretty good for a beginner, so instead of selling this camera, I found myself tapping into my creative and business sides in order to fix my problem. That’s how I started my little business, “Giulia Paulet Photography”.



I don’t think I’m incredible at taking pictures, and my camera can only do so much for what it’s worth, so I charge relatively cheap. I’m assuming this got my friends’ attention, because so far I’ve shot 3 couples within 3 days.


As I was taking their pictures, and even before I was charging a little bit of money and was taking pictures purely as a creative outlet, I realized how in love I am with photography. I feel like capturing someone’s smile or any emotion in a beautiful picture is something to be cherished. Moreover, I realized that I am improving in this hobby and every time I find a good angle, get the right camera setting at the right moment, or look at the finished product and it portrays what I see,  my heart is filled with joy.12517039_10201483206760005_1551501731_o12476678_10201481699442323_1658054827_o12511050_10201481699322320_1660876003_o12494585_10201483206079988_971678718_o


So ultimately, the reason I am writing about my photography business on here is not to promote it by any means, but instead, I’m writing in hopes that I can inspire you, reader, to rediscover what you might be creative at too, and to hopefully end up finding a hobby that brings you joy as well.I truly hope that you find the time to tap into your own creative side because only good things will come out of it. 🙂



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