How to Grow Your Hair Out Fast

I have always had trouble growing my hair out and having it look healthy at the same time. I used to get periodic haircuts, because that’s what I heard made your hair grow out the fastest, but for me it always backfired. Not only did my hair not grow at all, but it was shorter than what I started with in the first place.

After doing a bunch of research on multiple products and trying out numerous homemade treatments, I think I have finally found the answer to long, healthy hair. It involves a magical product called “Renpure”, not washing my hair daily, lessening the heat I use on it, a hair mask, and a medicated scalp shampoo.

If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely love Ross and The Dollar Store etc., and as I was strolling through Ross one day, I happened to find the most incredible product for my hair. For only 5 dollars, I got my hands on a leave-in conditioner/styling cream called, “Renpure”. I started using it in August after cutting my hair close to shoulder length, and now my hair is close to hip length. I grab a small drop of it on a daily basis and run it throughout my hair, and not only does it smell amazing (I use the “Coconut Whipped Creme scent), but my hair has never been healthier.


The other thing I’ve been doing since I started college is leaving my hair natural rather than styling it with heat . During my first semester, I believe I used heat on my hair maybe once or twice a week. I think decreasing that definitely helped my hair breathe a bit, and that is why it grew so much. In addition to leaving my hair natural, I do not wash my hair daily. If it gets a bit greasy, I usually place a bit of baby powder on the problematic areas and it looks perfectly fine.

Lastly, I have recently been using this medicated scalp shampoo ( from the Dollar Store) called “T-Plus Gel” that resembles the ” Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo”. I have extremely bad scalp conditions such as flaking, redness, and itching. I am not entirely positive, but I believe I have what is called “psoriasis”. I actually lost half of my hair my freshman year of high school due to stress, and that might have provoked the condition. Either way, I started using this shampoo because in order to grow healthy and beautiful hair, one must have a clear and healthy scalp. Also, I’m not trying to lose the rest of my hair from this condition. Besides using a medicated shampoo if you have a problematic scalp like me, I suggest using hair masks. I’ve used multiple ones from stores, and made my own using recipes that contain ingredients such as eggs, coconut oil, castor oil, lemons etc.


If you stick to a regimen like mine, I am sure that you will see a positive change in your hair. You will find your own routine after a while too, so you don’t have to do exactly what I do. I hope this post helps you, and if you have any tips of your own, feel free to post them in the comments!

-Giulia 🙂


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