How To Get Along With Your College Roomie


Sharing small spaces with a person you’ve never met actually sounds a bit scary. At least it did to me.

I could have roomed with a high school friend when I decided to attend NAU, but none of my girlfriends had decided to be part of the Honors College there. Due to this, I got stuck having to choose a random roommate. What a drag right? NOPE. I ended up hitting the roomie jackpot.

Mia, my gorgeous , intelligent, Cuban BFF, ended up being my assigned roommate. I’m not sure if we had such an amazing year because we were both so alike, or because we were so open with each other about everything. Either way, she was a huge blessing my first year of college, and I’m pretty positive that she will remain in my life until I die. Living with her my first year taught me so much, and I could not be more thankful to the universe for placing her into my life. With that being said, other students do not get so lucky, even when they room with someone that they have known for a while. That is why I am making this post.

I came up with a list of reasons why Mia and I had such a stress-free and incredible environment that whole year. Hopefully this list aids you, awesome reader of this blog, in finding a balanced life with your new roomie in college.


  1. After meeting and moving in all of your stuff into the dorm, sit down and make a list of what your normal habits are. After that, compare the results between you two and see if anything bothers the other person. Discuss and compromise on all of it.
  2. If your college forced you to take a compatibility test and that’s how you got placed with your roommate, make sure that you guys actually talk about it and see if any of you lied on it. Most people aren’t always truthful about the loudness and sleeping pattern things. Just make sure you discuss all the points in the test.
  3. If you find out who your roomie is before school starts, make sure you follow each other on social media, email each other, or exchange numbers. Mia and I did that, and it really helped us out. It actually made me that much more excited to meet her, and we also coordinated who was bringing what to the room, and the way we were going to decorate everything together.
  4.  Set “rules” and follow them. We didn’t write down a list or anything, but we knew what bothered each of us, and we were considerate of it. Mia would stay up later than me and watch Netflix with headphones if I needed to sleep early, and I would put on a sleeping mask if she needed the lights on for homework etc. It really worked out nice for both of us. I never felt uncomfortable in my own room, and that’s how it should be.
  5. Don’t let problems/tension pile up. I can’t remember any type of situation like that with my experience, but I believe that if Mia was bothered by something that I did (probably talking too much), or vice versa, we would’ve immediately talked about it (in a polite, non-defensive manner). If you don’t talk about it, the other person will just keep doing what bothers you. This goes for anything… including bringing people over, listening to music too loud etc.  If they have a habit that annoys you, politely and honestly discuss it with them and try to make it work for the both of you.
  6. Bond with each other. After talking on social media, we couldn’t wait to meet and get to know one another more. We moved in all our stuff, and after that we started going to “Welcome Week” events together. Later on we introduced each other to our other friends, and everything took off from there. We also bonded over being from Cuba and Romania and each of us bringing a little home flag to our dorms, and our culture and food, but that’s a whole different story for another time 😀
  7. Remember that you don’t have to be best friends. Not everyone forms lifelong friendships with their roommates. Don’t feel pressured to do that. However, for the time that you are living together, it should be a rule for you two to respect each other and the living space. Anything beyond that is pretty much luck and a nice little present from the universe. At least that’s what I think about my relationship with Mia. 🙂


That’s pretty much all I have on the subject. I hope you all get wonderful roommates, and if you don’t, try your hardest to make it work. Remember, if the situation is actually horrible there are RAs that you can talk to in order to fix the situation. You can always request a new roommate, but try your best to make it work before you do and stay open-minded.

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