The Beauty of Flagstaff, AZ


I have not yet met a person from Arizona who doesn’t love Flagstaff… If you aren’t from AZ though, you might not necessarily know a lot about Flagstaff and what it entails. If you’re one of those people, let me tell you a little bit about the prettiest place AZ has to offer.

First off, I happen to go to school in Flag at Northern Arizona University, as most of my readers know. I recently visited in order to tie up some loose ends before I depart on my study abroad trip for this semester, and I honestly forgot how gorgeous this town was.

Picture by my awesome friend, Madison Kelly.
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As a pine tree filled place located at about 7,000 feet (2,134 m), near the base of the San Francisco Peaks, it is only logical that the scenery would be so incredible. A fun fact about Flagstaff is that the famous Route 66 runs directly through it. Furthermore, Pluto happened to be discovered at Lowell Observatory here in Flagstaff as well. This place also got voted the number 1 small college town in America with a great quality of life ( ) , and one of the happiest cities in the U.S. as well.

Picture by my awesome friend, Madison Kelly.




Until my feet touched the mossy ground and I smelled the fresh scent of pine trees, I don’t think I had realized how much I missed Flagstaff and my school in general. I was walking around campus and catching up with friends, and I really took a good look around me since I won’t be seeing any of the pretty mountain scenery here until January. Not only was the weather perfect as well since it’s almost always in the 70’s with a slight breeze, but an incredible amount of trees and wildflowers seemed to be everywhere I looked as well.


Needless to say, I really did not want to go back to the intense heat (100-110 degrees to be exact) of Phoenix to wait for my flight in 2 weeks.




I am really glad I got to see most of my friends ( even though I sadly didn’t take pictures with all of them) , and that I got to experience the beauty of my home away from home again even if it was just for a little bit. I will obviously be very excited to come back to everything in Flagstaff in January.








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