Oxford and Regent Street Magic


This past Friday I achieved yet another one of my bucket list goals, and I finally visited the wondrous Regent and Oxford Street. I don’t think anyone will understand just how happy I was to be walking on those sidewalks.

Tanner and I booked a train to London the day before (it takes roughly 45-55 min to get to Liverpool from our university ) , and because we were still trying to figure out what the best way to get there was without spending an absurd amount of money, I ended up getting an “off-peak” train and sadly placed us in a time constraint of leaving London by 4:30pm. We spent about 5 hours or so in the Oxford Circus area after getting on the Underground (which I’m learning how to use very well if I do say so myself)  from Liverpool. Tanner was imminent that we leave the Liverpool station before getting on the Oxford Circus tube, so we walked around that area for a bit first.


However, the real magic was found at the Oxford Circus.



After taking in the beauty and hecticness of that street, we made our way over to this famous pub called “Argyll Arms” that I happened to find out about on Pinterest ( you should totally follow me by the way–> link at the bottom of the website). We celebrated Tanner’s birthday there, because when his birthday actually happened this summer on July 30th, he insisted that I don’t get him anything and we wait until London.


After our bellies were full to the point where we couldn’t walk ( that sausage and “mash” that I had was 10/10 and it showed), we made our way over to the other places around us. We also shopped a little bit at Zara, since after going into multiple stores, we decided that the best deals for us college students from America were there haha I’ve been in Zara before in the U.S. and in Romania, and surprisingly, the best deals and items I have ever found where right in the most touristy place one can find in England.


Lastly, since we had to catch our train fairly soon, I had to sadly skip going to Hatchard’s (the oldest bookstore in England). We decided that the best thing to do was to get tea instead, and leave the bookstore adventure for next time. Either way, I shall get a novel from that store if it’s the last thing I do.


Fun fact: This whole tea place, Cafe Concertto, was managed and run by Romanians :))) I’ve decided that I have a radar or something, because ever since I’ve arrived in England I’ve run into about 50 of them. Fun stuff.


Thank you for reading this post!

-Giulia 🙂


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