Moving into University of Essex


A week and a half ago I officially moved into the University of Essex for this autumn term. As soon as we arrived ( we being Tanner and I , and my dad and stepmom, who so kindly moved us in and who we are very appreciative and thankful of), we knew we definitely chose the right university for us.


On the way to the Towers, in which most international and exchange students live, we pass this gate on which students placed lockets. Tanner and I plan on buying some soon and adding our mark to it as well.


We live on the 14th floor of the Tower, and we actually enjoy that quite a lot since not only did we get lucky with our amazing 14 flatmates, but we also get the best views on campus. Also…no, Tanner and I did not request to be on the same floor. That was just a really fun coincidence 😀 The only not so fun things about living on the 14th floor are those crazy fire drills at 3 am. One word: Horrible.


However, the sunset views from our 14th floor kitchen make up for anything frustrating 🙂



The whole place is also filled with comical plaques and inspiring quotes and banners, and as you can see in the pictures, numerous green trees can be spotted at every angle. The bonus of that is that a bunch of squirrels come say hello to the students on a daily basis.


As for my room, I feel like I’ve definitely made it “homey” enough for one semester in England. I especially love the U.K. flag ( which I got at a nice little shop in London) and posters, and I plan on adding an American flag in about a week as well on the other side of my bed, since well…you know…I’m patriotic and all. I have also added (not pictured) some twinkly lights because every basic girl needs her twinkly lights haha




This box you see with the “Welcome to the Family ” house logo is actually an heirloom given by the University of Essex to students each year. You choose a charm and a band for a bracelet, necklace, or keychain ( I chose to be simple with a black necklace band, but they had numerous colors and styles) , and you receive a number on the charm. that number is then passed on to another student the following year, tying all alumni together. I loved it.




Now for the amazing flat mates. Most of them are not pictured, but here are some of them:


This is Samy and he’s from Syria and Australia and Germany and Dubai.


This is Chloe from Canada. She’s a stylish hipster majoring in Lit. One of the most intelligent people ever. Also an amazing cook.


This is the marvelous Louie. He’s constantly smiling and cooking something great and everyone loves him.


This is Miss Olivia/Liv and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met while in England. Also she’s a rockstar in sports.


This is my favorite Australian lawyer to be, Steph. Funniest person ever, by the way. Out of everyone, I think I laughed the most around her.


This is flatmate gang/squad picture of Cynthia, Elena, Ashlyn, Adam (from Canada!), Chloe, and Samy.



This is Tanner aka Tanman aka Tandingo aka my boyfriend.


Here we have Chloe again and Cynthia who happens to be from…wait for it… Northern Arizona University. #lumberjacktakeover


This is Miss Ashlyn, and she is also from NAU! #lumberjacktakeover


This is Elena, and she is from the wonderful place of Peru!


And last but not least, this is Gabriela and he is from Italy 😀

Now, here are some pictures of the campus.




This bus actually sells food daily, and from what I hear, it is the I am pretty sure that I’ll try it by the time I leave in December.


This is my favorite building on campus because it is basically a tiny jungle. It also happens to be the Business Building. Go figure 😀



In terms of the actual “study” in Study Abroad, I can definitely say it is going well. The only thing that actually threw me off is the fact that all my Professors, except for one, were American. Other than that, the system here is much more relaxed in the sense that one doesn’t exactly get homework other than lots of reading. In America, each class is equivalent to about 3 hours of homework a night. So I enjoy this system better when comparing it to that. However, there’s much more pressure to do well here since, unlike in America, there’s roughly one exam and an essay to determine your grade. I’m used to about 4 exams and lots of coursework in between to average out my grade.

Well, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and clicking on this blog post!



5 thoughts on “Moving into University of Essex

  1. When you start taking classes, tell us about them and the teachers!! I want to know all about your experience, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself so far 🙂 The business school looks amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We started classes on October 10th actually! I’ll make a post about the differences in the academic system soon! Thank you for the feedback ❤️❤️❤️ 😀


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