Flat 14 Essex University Christmas Party-Lit as Heck

Merry Christmas from Flat 14 at Essex University! About a week ago, we all decorated our flat aka our kitchen and had an enormous last dinner together. I never thought Tanner and I would make such incredible and real friends while we were abroad. I am so thankful to have met every single individual that we lived in close proximity with, and I am so grateful for all our crazy and insane memories together.




Something quite fun about the party was that our Canadian friend, Adam, actually bought Tanner a secret Santa suit ( Tesco’s Finest of course). Tanner and Olivia (our Australian mother) were the only ones who knew about Tanner’s surprise. I then found out by searching through Tanner’s closet for some socks that he asked me to get him haha He pretty much ruined the surprise for me,. but I was still ecstatic to see him in it and see everyone else’s reaction!


Everyone loved the grand entrance of Santa.


We also had an epic Christmas Cracker battle, as seen here with Olivia, Steph, and Tanner.


And here we have Chloe being the cutest reindeer around!


We think Santa’s baby was singing some nice Christmas carols 😀



My amazing Secret Santa (aka Gabriele) and I !



This was a bag of fun props for the photo booth I made 🙂 .


Here we can see our beautiful  5 pound tree, filled with fun decorations and Secret Santa presents.


Everyone also made a bunch of incredible food for our feast and nobody got food poisoning.


Ultimately, it was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to reunite with all our beautiful friends one day.


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