Amsterdam, I Love You.


The last trip I took on my study abroad experience was to Amsterdam. I never really thought that I would get to enjoy such a beautiful and famous place by the age of 20…but I did. This trip was phenomenal, and Italy had been my absolute favorite so far, but now I think it’s a tie between the two.

I think everyone in the world has heard of how crazy Amsterdam is, but until you are there and you see the “cafes” and “coffee shops” that casually sell lattes, Americanos, and joints, you will not understand how crazy it actually is. We literally had just gotten off the train and saw a guy tripping hard as heck on what I believe to be shrooms. It was fantastic. Every little corner we would go by had cute little souvenir shops, art shops, and marijuana/smoking related shops. I have never seen more eccentric things in a city.


Also, can we just talk about the view from our Airbnb? Simply gorgeous.



The only time we met our cute, little yoga lover, hipster Airbnb host was when she was yelling at her boyfriend in Italian on the phone. I somewhat understood her conversation, pretended that I didn’t, and Tanner and I did our own thing around there.


I’m a bit sad that I didn’t take more pictures of our room and the apartment as a whole, because it was probably the coolest place I have stayed at so far. Nowhere near as luxurious and fancy as the Paris Airbnb, but it was so unique and pretty ,and the home was from the 1800s so we loved it.


The first day out we made our way to the shops and bought some  fun and potentially illegal gifts for our friends. The same day I also bought myself this wonderful Nutella-filled muffin from a shop, and as I tried taking a photo of it, I ended up shoving my camera lens in it. It was a disaster, but thankfully I was able to clean it off well and take more pictures.


We later went to the Anne Frank House. It was an incredible experience, and it was somewhat eery as well. It felt so crazy to go through Anne’s room, and to hear their home videos and see their family pictures and personal items. It was just unreal to be surrounded by such personal stories that really brought out how horrific the Holocaust and that time period really was.


The next day we decided to walk around our Airbnb area and had breakfast at this random and adorable cafe. The service was incredible, and everyone in the cafe was smiling and seemed to be so happy. It was hard to be in there and not smile and be happy yourself.


Later on we found this random, flower-filled, bike on our way to the Amsterdam sign. There were far too many people for us to take decent pictures by the sign so we left quite quickly to avoid the crazy crowds.

We also stopped by an antique store and a thrift store on the way to the sign (I bought the coolest sunglasses for 10 euros) and they were insane. Their thrift stores are so large, and pretty much all of the items in them are extremely fashion-forward. It took everything in me to not drop all my money in there. Afterwards, we decided that the Van Gogh museum was a must on our Amsterdam list and so we made our way to it. After spending more than 3 hours in the museum, and after I illegally took multiple pictures of the paintings, we stopped at a really cute candy and soda shop. Both Tan and I got a cream sodas, and they were delicious, as expected.


“Van Gogh…the original sad boy.” -Chloe Soucy




One of the last things we did in Amsterdam was take a canal cruise. I enjoyed it more than Tanner did, and I really do feel that it’s something worth doing if you are ever in the Netherlands. We got to see all of Amsterdam in a relaxed manner, and I really thought it was a phenomenal experience.






Last but not least, as we were walking to the train station to leave for the Amsterdam airport, I found Hotel Nicolaas. If any of you know me personally, then you know I freaked out because my brother’s name is Nicolas, and I love him to death and I thought this was pretty cool.

Ultimately, I had an incredible time in Amsterdam, wish I had taken more pictures, and I just know I’ll be back soon. Thank you for reading! 🙂



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