Dracula’s Castle…My Favorite Place.


If you know me really well, then you know I come from the country of Romania. If you know anything about Romania, then you know that Transylvania is in it and that Bram Stoker got his Dracula novel ideas from our land, supernatural beliefs, and folklore. Moreover, if you know anything about me in general, then you know that I’m absolutely and utterly obsessed with vampires and anything supernatural. I am head-over-heels in love with the fact that the Dracula Castle is located in my homeland. Recently, I visited my favorite place again, but this time alongside my brother and my boyfriend, Tanner. Here are some of the photos I took while drooling over my future home, as I like to dream of it.

During our drive over to the castle, this was the eerie and mystical view we had of Transylvania. I’m absolutely in love with the foggy darkness that took over the country-side on the way there.


After leaving the more abandoned parts of Transylvania, we finally arrived in the Bran district. The Dracula Castle is actually known by its real name, the Bran Castle, here in Romania. I have known this fact for years, but I still choose to refer to it as the Dracula Castle, since most of its fame comes from Vlad the Impaler, our ruthless King. Below you can find some of my favorite Dracula Castle photos:

This was the main view we had from the garden, where nice ‘ole King Vlad, aka Dracula, impaled everyone back in the day. Lovely.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s almost like if you didn’t know the whole impaling-of-kids-women-and-everything-else story, you’d think the nice little King would have his lunch out in the garden like other normal individuals and monarchs. The thing is, I’ve read in multiple sources that he did in fact have his dinners and lunches out there…except they would also happen while people were getting impaled right in front of him.


I couldn’t help taking a photo on the balcony of the castle, wearing a Romanian traditional “ie’ blouse, because what else would a Romanian lady wear in her favorite place in Romania?



This was the view from the second floor of the castle in the terrace area.



The castle has a basement, a secret staircase that I love, and three total floors.


Here you can see a view of Transylvania from a tiny tower I somehow got myself into. I love little windows like these.


I did not take a large amount of photos inside of the castle, since I want people to go out there and see it for themselves. I did however want to show off a few I did take…


This was Queen Maria’s, or the Princess Marie of Edinburgh who was more commonly known as Marie of Romania, wedding dress. She was the last Queen of Romania and the wife of King Ferdinand I. She was born into the British royal family, and she was titled Princess Marie of Edinburgh at birth.

This is what our Queen look like:


If you want to read more about the Dracula Castle family tree you can click here .




Thank you for reading, and if you ever find yourself in Eastern Europe, I really encourage you to pay Transylvania and the Dracula Castle a visit. You will not regret it.

– Giulia 🙂






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