Do Yourself a Favor, and Visit Old Town Bucharest, Romania.

I recently visited Romania, which happens to be my home country, and I really wanted to do a blog post about it. Multiple blog posts actually. It’s quite a beautiful country, and it’s also quite a crazy country. I’m going to be honest with you all…it’s definitely not my favorite place. At all. Lots of things don’t exactly match descriptions, people aren’t necessarily friendly or civilized everywhere, and there’s a lot of ugly parts in the country due to Romania’s history of communism. Most of the problems Romania has, whether that be with government, the mentality of the people, architecture issues, or any other possible issue, are a direct result of its communist era. However, there are three main parts of this country that I truly believe should be visited by everyone anyway.


At the top of the list is Bucharest, the country’s capital.

Not only does it have incredible history, but it’s a great location to make good memories with great people. It’s beautiful, the people are phenomenal, and everything is also super cheap. Ultimately, Bucharest also happens to have one of the best night-life scenes I have ever seen.19897500_10203822362237430_1610223390_o

Definitely visit Pura Vida Sky Bar. Best cocktail I have ever had, and with a beautiful view at sunset too. It will take you a million years to get to this bar, since you have to go up quite a few flights of stairs due to its location on top of Pura Vida Hostel, but it’s absolutely worth it.





The night life was so fun in Bucharest, that Tanner, our British hostel friends, and I all came home at 5am after a beautiful night…and I personally could’ve gone even longer lol best times.


Since Bucharest is the capital of Romania, there are barely any sketchy areas since they take such good care of the city. The train station and tourism options are also amazing, since you can easily get to Brasov, Transylvania, and pretty much everywhere else that I would consider visitable in Romania. (I’ll do a separate blog post on why you should visit Brasov later no worries haha). I actually want to let you all know some facts about Bucharest as you keep scrolling down. The city itself was actually first mentioned in documents in 1459, as the residence of Vlad III the Impaler (Vlad Țepeș), who happens to be Dracula. In 1569, a whole 110 years later, Prince Gheorghe Ghica designated Bucharest to be capital city of Wallachia.

The Parliament Palace in Bucharest is the world’s second largest building in the world. It cost about 3 billion euros to make during Ceausescu’s leadership, and it is not yet completed. To learn more about why this place was created by Ceausescu during the terrible communist times of Romania, click here. I HIGHLY encourage you to read about it.


Bucharest is also known for dental tourism. You can get up to a seventy percent discount rate on modern dental treatment. In fact, one of the friends we made from our hostel was only in Bucharest for that. Speaking of our hostel, Tanner and I loved it! It was so much fun, and it had such a friendly and efficient staff. I would really recommend staying there if you can, and if not, choose Podstel in Bucharest.



Bucharest is also known as “little Paris”. As soon as we started exploring the city we could see the massive French influence on the buildings.



These right here are the secret Macca and Vilacrosse Passages. Highly recommend visiting them and grabbing a drink or coffee in that area. Very private and beautiful.


If you end up visiting Bucharest, I would really suggest sticking to Old Town mainly. It is so incredibly vibrant, and you won’t be disappointed…especially during the weekend.





While walking around Old Town, we saw this beautiful little juice bar, conveniently called “Multivitamin Bar”. We actually went there a total of 3 out of the 5 days we spent in Bucharest since we loved it so much. When we first discovered it we found out that it had been open for only 5 days. The owner is one of the most beautiful and sweet Greek ladies, and she doesn’t even speak much Romanian. Either way, she speaks perfect English and will absolutely make your heart smile. Just do yourself a favor and go to this place if you’re in the area.


We also went to this incredible coffee and ice cream place called Caffeol. No words are necessary. Just go.


We also ate at a place called Storage Room, and I’d recommend them due to AC and cheap, tasty pasta. Lastly, we tried out this burger place called ” Les Bourgeoisie” and I’d say their burger looked and tasted 10/10 ( Tanner gave me a bite). Their mushroom soup also did not disappoint.





If you made it this far in the blog post, you’re a trooper and you should probably visit Bucharest.




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