Simran Matken-The Old Soul


I met Simran in 2016, somewhat only due to the fact that she was going to live with one of my best friends, Mia, who had been my first roomie in college. I had to meet the person that was taking over while I was off studying abroad instead of harassing Mia. I’m so beyond glad that Simran happened to be the new adventure in Mia’s life, because otherwise I would not have had the chance to meet such a lovely human.

I actually ended up living with Simran and Mia when I came back from studying abroad in England. I had no clue that we would actually become closer than just new roommates. I’m so glad we did, though, because she is the type of friend who will drop anything to help you out or to listen to your problems. Not only does she show constant loyalty, but she makes you laugh nonstop as well.

Simran is one of the most eccentric, in a fully positive way of course, individuals that I have ever met. She’s also beyond beautiful and intelligent. It’s hard for me to describe the type of person she is in just a few words in a lil’ blog post, but I can try to show you guys her personality with a few facts.


  • She like to shoot with film cameras.
  • She studies philosophy and wanted to go to law school back in the day. Not sure if she still will, but I’m secretly hoping that she does.
  • She considers herself a spiritual being. She actually introduced me to meditating and crystals. #lifechanged
  • She recently started a journey as a vegan individual and absolutely loves it. I was somewhat surprised when I found out, but at the same time I really I wasn’t .
  • She absolutely loves poetry. In fact, she loves it so much that she has a whole site about it. Please do yourself a favor and read some of her art by clicking here.
  • She also loves music, specifically indie, alternative, and old school rock. Simran also loves art. She believes it’s really important to support local artists, and Mia, Simran, our friends Brit and Madison, and I have gone to a few concerts in downtown Flagstaff in order to support and check out the local music scene.
  • She also loves, loves tattoos. She has a total of 8.


Ultimately, I’m quite lucky to be Sim’s friend. Anyone would be. She’s an incredible human being, and I can’t wait to see what she does with her life. So far she’s changing ours 😀

Check out some of my other friends next time if you’d like.




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