Mia Pique- The Random Roommate Who Changed My Life


I met Mia Pique during my freshman year of college at NAU, since she just so happened to be the lucky random roomie that got assigned to me. I thought I wouldn’t like her. I feared that she would be crazy… or rude… or loud and impolite. I thought she could be mean, or maybe she would hate me, and I’d feel bad in my own dorm. None of that happened. I didn’t even expect what happened.

As soon as Mia and I started a conversation on email, trying to figure out how this whole random roomie in the NAU Honors College was going to work, most of my fears about living with a stranger quickly receded. To this day, I thank the universe for placing her in my room that first year at NAU. We are so blessed to have had each-other during such a monumental time in our lives…A time where most people decide what they want to do with their lives, or decide if they even think college is worth their time.

Luckily, Mia, whom I stalked on all social media forms before I met, happened to make my freshman year absolutely magical. I quickly learned what an incredible human she really was, and I was so glad to have HER as my roommate.


I cherish my roomie times with her more than anything at NAU so far. We definitely had baby issues, like me talking up a storm, or maybe other random little things, but I still cannot believe how well we worked together. Nobody is perfect, and we acted mature and worked out any issues and made our living situation great. Let me tell you, we definitely didn’t expect to be such good friends. However, things always happen for a reason. Even the good things 🙂 Listen people, when I say that I will be Mia’s friend until she gets a restraining order against me, I really mean it.

Now on to the fun part…here are some facts about my gorgeous little Cuban:

  • Full Name: Mia Maria Pique
  • Born to a Cuban immigrant and a first generation Puerto Rican Mother.
  • Grew up in the heart of the USA, a small suburb just southwest of Chicago along Route 66 in a town named Darien, Illinois. Who would’ve though she would end up at one of the last stops on Route 66….Flagstaff, Arizona?
  • Growing up she was always overthinking, pondering to herself, and questioning all things in her environment. This is probably how she ended up with a science major for her undergrad, studying Geology as well as Spanish with an emphasis on Global Science and Engineering.
  • Personal motto that she wakes up to and states to herself everyday: “You won’t get a do-over with time, but time will do you over”. She takes this into account, and thus, pushes herself everyday.

    She states, “I have gone through many hardships, but I know time is short, I will always want more of it, so I keep on keeping on and try to get one thing done everyday that I would like to accomplish. By setting small goals, I eventually see one giant goal being formed and accomplished, slowly but surely. It is refreshing to do this, because sometimes when we fail at something, we are reminded shortly after that even through failure, something can always be gained or accomplished.”

  • Recently, she decided to become vegan. She was a vegetarian for about 8 months, and decided to take the full plunge due to health, ethical, and environmental reasons.
  • She is extremely goofy ( I can vouch for this one for sure) and a little bit odd, but she loves to be “a weirdo” with her friends and just have a good laugh.


  • She loves reading! Her favorite books are  “Tuesdays with Morrie”, “The Alchemist”, or “Winter”.


  • She loves rock n’ roll music. Top Favorites: Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, and the Steve Miller Band.

“I got into this type of music when I was around 8 years old, because my older brother, Sebastian, always listened to the greatest, and I wanted to do everything that he did…but better lol! Now it is mostly all I listen to.

  • You always can find Mia outside. She always tries to give herself at least 1 hour a day outside.

    She states that it, “…brings me joy, relaxation, and reminds me of all that I am grateful for…it definitely keeps me humbled and open minded.

  • Her greatest goal in life: to be happy. The greatest form of happiness for her will always be to see the people she surrounds herself with being happy as well. I feel like this fact explains Mia at her best. I’m not even sure how to sum up this post since I could talk about what makes Mia great all day…I will say though, I went into college not looking for new friends, and I took the time and effort to get to know Mia and I’m so, so, so glad that I did. *insert cry face here*
  • “And hey, if I can be apart of their happiness, than that is all I need.”m


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