Brittany Ferris- The Kindest Person You’ll Ever Meet

I met Brittany at a time in my life where I had decided that I did not want or need any more friends. I was actually set on not getting to know her, or anyone else in college, since it would be too time-consuming. I had decided that I already had enough friends, so why would I bother with yet another conversation-starter and “getting-to-know-you” interview? Well, that’s obviously not what happened here, considering we’ve been friends for the past 3 years.

I actually met her through Mia, when she brought her over to our dorm freshman year after they had met through Hiking Club.
I couldn’t help but WANT to know Brit after speaking to her. She was so incredibly kind and friendly, and her positive personality was truly infectious. Furthermore, she would sing or hum constantly, which I really enjoyed in general.
I later figured out that she was a Music major, hence the constant melodies, but I pretty much believe to this day that she has the voice of an angel and might’ve been placed on this Earth in order to bring happiness with her talents.
It’s quite hard for me to try to describe Brit in a few paragraphs, since I consider her one of my most complex friends. It’s really hard to see what she’s thinking or feeling, and I believe that if one gets a glimpse into it, they somehow have been found worthy.
Call me crazy, but I just really appreciate her.
Ultimately, the words that come to mind when thinking of Brit are kind, caring, and noble. Brittany is the type of person you go to for advice and comfort. She is the type of person who will drop everything to help you in your time of need. Brittany is the unconditional love one wants, but doesn’t believe they need or deserve. Essentially, Brittany is too good for this Earth and we are all lucky to be in her presence.
Like I stated above, I doubt these facts will give you even a glimpse of this woman’s perfect soul, but I still encourage you to read these few things about her.
  • Full Name: Brittany Marie Ferris
  • Born: Redondo Beach, California.
  • Moved to Minnesota for 8 years, then Texas for another 8 years, and finally made her way to Flagstaff, Arizona to pursue her passion for music.


  • She has been vegan for a year and a month for health, environmental, and ethical reasons. She states that to this day , “It is still the best decision I have ever made.”
  • She is an extremely empathetic person and takes on the emotions of the people around her. She says that, “It’s helpful in some situations, and very, very difficult in others.”
  • Brit is incredibly close with her sister. In fact, she humorously refers to her as “… the left brain to my right brain!”
  • Her favorite thing to do is travel. So far, she has been to 13 different countries with many more to come.


  • One of our best friends, Mia, is convinced that Brit is secretly a 90 year old woman.
  • Brit says that she has the brain and thought-process of someone who lived through both World Wars and the Depression of 1930.
  • Something that makes Brit incredibly happy is making other people laugh.
  • Brit also loves to laugh and she insists that she has a deafening cackle ( if you’re lucky enough to hear it :D).
  • Brit was also just accepted to be an English and Gender Education teacher in Togo, Africa through the Peace Corps. She is so thrilled and enthused about this opportunity, and she cannot wait to leave on this life-changing trip.
  • Lastly, here is a saying that Brit lives by: “Don’t be nice, be kind.”


Thank you for reading about this incredible lady. I only hope that you get to meet her if you haven’t already. You would never regret it, that’s for sure.



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