NAU Homecoming 2017-Yet Another Magical Carnival

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Something that I look forward to every single October in college is the Homecoming Carnival  that ASNAU, our Northern Arizona University Student Government, hosts for the students for free. There are all types of fun rides, free popcorn, hot chocolate, and cotton candy, and a multitude of fun and silly games to immerse yourself in. I love every second of it.

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Last year I was not lucky enough to attend the Homecoming festivities, since I was studying abroad at Essex University in the U. K. which you can read about here. Thus, this year proved to be even more fun for me since I had missed the NAU Homecoming traditions more than I realized. Some of my favorite traditions each year include the giant bonfire in the middle of the campus that slightly reminds me of some sort of witch ritual, the Lumberjack Pageant where our students showcase their talents, and the actual Carnival that is hosted a few days before the Tailgating happens for the football game.

I brought my camera to the Carnival this year, and I had way too much fun actually capturing the magic of it. Additionally, Tanner’s sister, Payton, joined us this year as a freshman and I couldn’t be more excited! We went on all types of crazy rides, not pictured here, and I’m pretty sure I got whiplash. Totally worth it, though!

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I am not sure if every university out there hosts carnivals, giant bonfires, or any other crazy traditions before their Homecoming football games, but I sure am thankful to NAU for always taking the time to make sure the students have fun :’)

Thank you for reading!

-Giulia 🙂


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