Růže Cake House Magic

Today I decided to visit an incredible coffee and cake place in the Downtown Scottsdale area called “Růže Cake House”. I had heard about it previously from Pinterest and Instagram, and I am a huge sucker for anything cute and coffee-related, so I was super excited to try it out. I was completely in love. Their selection of Boba teas, iced coffees, lattes, cakes, macaroons, danishes , and sweet creations did not let me down in any way. As for the customer service? Impeccable…just like the aesthetic qualities of the whole place. I will definitely be visiting again!

Tasteful Inspiration-Růže Cake House

As soon as I got there, I was completely taken back with how clean and beautiful the layout and decor were around me. As stated on their website, Růže was founded on the principle that local and sustainable ingredients make for better, fresher tasting cakes. I couldn’t be more on board with that statement! All of their honey, citrus, and milk ingredients come strictly from Arizona farmers, many of whom can be seen each week at the Scottsdale Farmer’s Market.  I was so excited to eat ANYTHING on their menu. They also have a variety of vegan cakes and baked goods, and they also provide gluten-free options.

Something that I find incredibly cute and unique is the fact that they add cotton candy to pretty much every drink you order. What a great way to stand out from every other hipster or trendy coffee place in town. Of course, you have the option to get your drinks without the cotton candy, but I really suggest decorating the drink with it, because you pay nothing extra and it’s delicious anyway.

Also, can we talk about this macaroon selection? Delicious. I had a “Drumstick” and “White Chocolate” macaroon, and both were mouthwatering and baked to perfection. The pricing was not terrible either!

This simple sign seems to be the signature of the place, as the saying can also be found on most of the Růže Cake House’s packaging.

Tasteful Inspiration-Růže Cake HouseTasteful Inspiration-Růže Cake House

If you want to see more about Růže Cake House, click here.  ♥

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