Christmas Vibes


Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Christmas Presents

This Christmas was pretty special. I had my very first baking session for the holidays alongside Tanner’s sister, Payton, and mother, Tara. Even though I was supposed to spend this holiday season in the U.K. with my dad and it totally and depressingly fell through, it was still SUPER nice to enjoy the festivities alongside Tanner’s family. I finally got to take some amazing Christmas photos as well, and you guys know how excited I get about vintage or country-style anything…so you can imagine how these photos make me feel inside. Feel free to take a look at what the Massahos household looked like this Christmas season 🙂

Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Christmas Presents

First off, can we talk about how amazing Tara’s wrapping game is? I just learned to wrap presents like this, and I honestly don’t think I could ever go back to regular wrapping paper. This whole vintage, country-style Christmas decor makes me feel some type of way. I’m obsessed with the details of each present, and the color scheme is just perfect.

Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Christmas Tree and Presents

christmas eve 1

Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Santa HatsTasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Santa Hats

I decided that for our Massahos baking session I would attempt to build some Santa related desserts. Thus, I tried making some Santa cupcakes ( with a lot of casualties and frosting mishaps) using white chocolate icing, red organic food coloring, mini marshmallows cut in half, and regular chocolate cake baking mix. I also attempted some strawberry and coconut Santa hats using white chocolate, coconut flakes, and mini marshmallows that were cut in half. Those seem to be pretty loved, since most of them are now gone off of the cupcake display we had on the dessert table.

Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Gingerbread Houses

Something super fun that I recently started doing each Christmas is building and decorating gingerbread houses. I had never done this until about a year ago when I tried it with the Massahos family, and I only previously knew about gingerbread houses from photos and Christmas movies. It’s honestly so messy and fun for me, and I really want to continue doing this every holiday season. It’s so much fun, and a really good way to bond over the holiday season with loved ones 🙂

Tasteful Inspiration-Giulia Paulet-Santa Hats Cheesecake

For her part of the baking session, Payton made some cheesecake Santa hats and they were the dankest! I know she worked really hard on the cheesecake part (took two days!) and I’m glad they turned out so pretty for her.

christmas eve 19

Payton also made some bomb Turkish Delight…and trust me when I say that. I totally HATE Turkish Delight with a passion, so the fact that I loved hers says a lot.

christmas eve 20

christmas eve 23.jpg

Here you can also spot some peanut butter balls covered in chocolate, some pretzels with Rollos and pecans, some bark, and some peppermint patties covered in foil. Furthermore, there are Greek sugar cookies called Kourabiedes and Melomakarona. ‘Twas a good baking session indeed.

christmas eve 22

Payton and I also had some fun with some Christmas crackers. (I won).

christmas eve 16christmas 3christmas eve 12

Finally, Mr. Jacque took Christmas photos with me and I feel completely fulfilled.

christmas eve 13

Thank you for reading, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you had an amazing holiday season in general.

-Giulia ♥

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  1. Merry Christmas-I am glad you were able to make the most of Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful break. You are an amazing young woman. If you are in Phoenix and have time to grab lunch, I would love it.

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