Cupcake ATMS…What More Do You Need in Life?

cupcakes 9

Today was my last day in the Phoenix area before I have to go back to Flagstaff, and I had a whole plan of taking photos of Tanner, being creative, and all these other fun things, and we honestly just ended up feasting at Sprinkles and enjoying the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. Is this really a bad thing? Probably not. I had a totally awesome day and the best cupcake ever.

We chose a perfect day to go to Sprinkles actually, because the company is donating 100% of its proceeds to Times Up today. Read more about this AMAZING movement here.


I’ve been obsessed with this place since last year when I went to it after the Chipotle Festival with my best friends, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I love the fact that cupcake ATMs even exist. It’s such a first-world, basic-photo-op-Instagram thing to have a cupcake ATM, but I honestly love everything about it. One of these days I need to try something other than the cupcakes at Sprinkles, like the ice cream or the fudge they offer, but I just can’t keep away from the chocolatey magic these cupcakes hold for me. Also, if you know me really well, then you know I HATE really sweet things… such as frosting…and cupcakes. This is how you know I really love Sprinkles. I eat the frosting (the whole cupcake really) like it’s my last day on Earth.

cupcakes 11

This cupcake may not look like much to a person…but trust me…it is delicious. Sprinkles is a very special place, at least in my opinion, and it can only be found in 10 states. Not to talk bad about Arizona, but I was a bit surprised we had one in our area. Sprinkles can also be found in NY, Las Vegas, and California. See more about its locations and what else they offer here.

cupcakes 12

cupcakes 13

Thanks for reading yet another food-related post!

-Giulia ♥



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