Meet My Big ( Sister in Chi Omega) Bri Pritchett


For those of you who may be completely confused about what a “Big” or a “Little” is in simple English, please let me give you the synopsis. Greek life pairs an older member (starting their sophomore year if they choose to have a little) with a new member of that sorority or fraternity. This person is then considered your big sister or little sister. We usually shorten that into your “big” or “little” in order to make it easier. I am actually writing about my Big in this blog post of the “Diverse Friends” section because she’s a pretty rad human-being, and she’s shown me a lot about life. She is one of the most motivated people I have ever met, and I’m not sure how she can always be so positive even when most people would give up in certain situations that she’s been through. She’s someone that I would not have met without the help of Chi Omega, and it’s really hard to imagine not having her as a friend and support system in life.


Here are some hilarious facts about Bri:

1) She has a YouTube beauty channel that she started recently and you can access it here.
2) She was born in a janitor’s closet in a hospital in Chicago.
3) She is from St. Louis and she’s “dang proud of it”.
4) She was a competitive gymnast for a very long time.
5) She is related to the man from the overly manly man meme that you can see here.
6) She wants to be an environmental chemist and work on finding and popularizing sources of renewable energy.
7) She is also a huge fan of cheesy romcoms that other people think are terrible.
8) She is trilingual (English, French, and Italian).
9) She is unhealthily obsessed with corgis. Who wouldn’t be, though?
10) She can stick her tongue up her nose. Very useful skill, some may say.

11)***** She has a turtle backpack.


I liked the idea of “Big/Little” when I first joined Chi Omega, but it was hard to imagine having someone there to help me with things that I didn’t even know I needed help with in college/life. I was also terrified that I would get someone random and with nothing in common with me. I am so glad that I got Bri, and I am grateful to know and call her a friend. She was a person I started looking up to as soon as we met. Bri is one of those people who will leave everything important to her in order to help another person if they need it.


She also makes jokes and puns 24/7, and always makes sure those around her are laughing or smiling. She doesn’t question or judge you, she’s just always there to help. She does not put herself first in almost any situation, and her heart is so, so big. She’s really inspired me to not only become a better friend, but to also remain motivated and ambitious and never give up on my goals. She’s an amazing person, Big, and friend. I’m eternally thankful to have met her and laughed with her all this time.


Thank you for reading,

Giulia ♥



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