Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream? Count me in.

I finally visited Creamistry with my little brother over winter break, and I discovered what all the hype of liquid nitrogen ice-cream was all about. I’ve seen this place on Instagram so many times, and I was so confused on what was going on with this ice-cream. I really wanted to try it out myself, since I was in town for break and the concept of making ice cream right in front of you with liquid nitrogen sounded rad. In a nutshell, I loved it and I think it’s over-priced, but everyone should try liquid nitrogen ice-cream from Creamistry if they get a chance.

Tasteful Inspiration- Creamistry

As you can see from the photos, this place looks incredibly unique. You would think elaborate science experiments are occurring in this place, rather than some simple ice cream being made. As soon as I walked in I got excited. Everyone was so happy and friendly inside, and pretty much every customer’s cellular devices were waiting to snap a photo or video of the smoke filling the room.

I ordered my usual ice-cream flavor, chocolate, with a bit of Nutella and some strawberries on top. I was not disappointed in my choice. The ice cream was incredibly creamy and flavorful, and the consistency was a little thicker than frozen yogurt. It actually reminded me of gelato a bit. From my understanding, they also have a non-dairy option for each flavor, so that their vegan customers can enjoy the fun as well.

Tasteful Inspiration- Creamistry

Tasteful Inspiration- CreamistryTasteful Inspiration- Creamistry

Tasteful Inspiration- Creamistry

My little brother, Nicolas, enjoyed his flavor as well!

Tasteful Inspiration- Creamistry

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you try out Creamistry!

-Giulia ♥


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