Yusha is one of my most unique friends. Not only is she from China, but she is one of the most pleasant, stylishly chic, and intelligent people that I’ve met so far in my life.


I thankfully met Yusha last semester, in my BizBlock courses through my business program at NAU. She is also a Management major, and she is an international student. She later joined Future Business Leaders of America, and most of you readers know that I’m very passionate about that organization, so I was delighted to have her on-board. I haven’t exactly known Yusha for a very long time, but I can truly say that she has made quite the impact on me.


Yusha is one of those people you cannot help but admire, because she is just so kind and happy all the time. Furthermore, she is so helpful to others around her… Anytime that I’ve been stuck on something or needed help, she was always ready to go and do whatever was needed in order to help.

She is also quite patient and calm. The word that actually comes to mind when thinking of her is “unbothered”. After our crazy trip to  New Orleans with Future Business Leaders of America, I decided that I definitely needed to study how she handles hectic situations because I could definitely learn something from her.

Here are some fun facts about Yusha:

  • She is obsessed with desserts, and she loves chocolate.
  • She loves oranges.
  • Her actual birthday isn’t the one that is on her ID ( shoutout to Tanner with the 2 birthdays)
  • She believes that she is from another planet.
  • She does photography as a hobby.
  • She is a fan of Steven Hawking.
  • She believes in ghosts and and is scared of them.
  • She adapts to new environments and situations easily.
  •  Most of her friends find her social, but she prefers to be alone most of the time.
  • People have called her “unapproachable” and she wonders why.
  • She will stalk people on social media if she finds them cool or intriguing. She considers herself a “professional stalker”.
  • She hates when people chew things loudly.


  • She is incredibly picky with guys and relationships, even though she crushes easily.
  • She does not control her diet, but she wishes she was skinnier.
  • She loves →Amélie←.
  • She overthinks everything, and wants to make those around her happy.
  • She plans on learning Spanish and moving to a Spanish-speaking country.
  • An exact quote from her: ” I’m like a burrito, on the outside it looks like I got everything together, but on the inside, I’m a mess.”


  • Yusha loves romantic movies, and she cannot watch “horrible” movies.
  • She gets influenced by people, and she cares about other people’s opinions.
  • She does not consider herself a patient person.
  • She hopes that one day she can be truly passionate about something.

Yusha is honestly such a JOY to be around, and she surprises me all the time! I really never know what she will say or joke about next, or what amazing feat she will accomplish. I only see success, travel, and happiness heading her way in life. I’m really glad I met her this year and that we got to experience some amazing memories together.

Thank you so much for reading about my beautiful friend Yusha!

-Giulia ♥


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