Élan Cafe- London’s Hidden Magical Go-To Spot

elan 6

I’ve been in the U.K. for the past month and a half visiting my dad, and I’ve been slowly but surely getting the rest of my London bucket list done. One of the places I’ve been DYING to visit for years was Élan Cafe. It absolutely did not disappoint. Have you seen a more gorgeous place?!

elan 1

I actually went by myself, which I have never done before with any new place, and I surprisingly really enjoyed myself. I even made friends with a sweet group of old ladies and they ended up taking the photo above haha. Speaking of photos, can we also talk about how gorgeous and Instagramable this place is? Truly every basic girl’s dream come true.

elan 2

elan 3

This cafe had the nicest and most efficient staff! When I tell you that three different individuals checked up on me the whole hour I was there, I am not exaggerating. You seriously get treated like royalty over there, and they have the best selection of sweets and coffees to choose from on their menu too. They also have regular food, especially good brunch food in my opinion, and you can find more about what they offer here.

elan 4elan 5elan 7

I went a bit simple and ordered a plain hazelnut latte, which was truly an incredible mix of the flavoring, milk, and espresso. I’m actually a bit picky with lattes too, because ever since I had Firecreek’s lattes in Flagstaff my standards shot up very high. I also had this magical, medium-sized Chocolate and Caramel Mousse jar. I wanted to order about 6 more of those, but I held myself back. I’m actually kind of regretting the decision now that I think about it… You’re only young once, right? That just means I have to go back now.

elan 8

If you’re ever in London, you simply have to visit this place! I loved it!

Thank you for reading,

Giulia ♥


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