7 Ways to Deal with Your 8am in College


I think there’s a general consensus with college students that 8am’s, pop quizzes, and boring lecturers are the worst things that can happen to us besides our massive debt amounts.

Back when I was in high school, a whopping 3 years ago, I used to get up at 5:30am every single day in order to get ready for school. I had to do my hair and plant on a new face, eat breakfast (I never ever miss breakfast) and be at school by 6:45am for various club meetings since I was involved in about 11 of them. By 7:20am, classes would start and I’d be stuck at school until 2:20pm. Afterwards, I’d go to other club meetings, tutoring, or into a shift at Subway up until 10pm. Then, I’d come home, do homework, and be in bed by 12am, only to repeat the cycle again the next day. Somehow, I still had energy after such packed days.

When I got to college, I thought I could do the same thing. I was wrong. I could barely do a 10am class, let alone an 8am or 9am. I seriously felt like I got hit by a truck every single day the past 3 years of college. Also, the massive amounts of homework for each class were traumatizing for me. There is so much useless busywork in college, and I feel like I learn nothing form it.  I barely have time to study for tests because they assign homework until the day of the test, and there’s always some pop quiz or activity we have to do as well. Hence, I’m an exhausted mess 24/7 because I’m still trying to be involved in clubs and have some sort of fun with friends , just so I don’t deteriorate. I’d never willingly choose to do an 8am, but sometimes the 8am is the only option you have in order to make your class schedule work. So, after surviving a few 8ams, here is what I learned:


  1. Pack your breakfast the night before or have a snack ready to go in your backpack. I usually try to have my cereal or oatmeal poured out in a bowl right next to the coffee maker, which already has everything prepped for me to only have to click the “start” button, and drag my way there like  a sloth. Also, try overnight oats. Here’s a recipe I enjoy. If you absolutely have to skip breakfast, try having an apple or something small like that in your bag ready to go and eat it in class.
  2. Choose your outfit the night before so you don’t waste your precious sleeping minutes. When that dang, satanic alarm ringtone wakes you up, you don’t want to leave your bed. It’s common knowledge. So why have to get up earlier to pick out your clothes when you could just have everything already prepped for when you decide to get out of bed after snoozing the alarm 6 times?
  3. Wash your face with very cold water. This step simultaneously sucks and feels great at the same time. It will DEFINITELY wake you up. Somedays I want to dunk my whole head in a bucket of that ice-cold water, and somedays I can barely handle the Flagstaff morning weather lol. #thyroidproblems
  4. Try to drink a full water bottle or at least a glass of water right when you wake up. This will help wake you up and keep you hydrated, making the whole process of getting your day started easier.
  5. Read a positive quote or watch some funny videos/ Vines. This personally helped me out a lot. When I laugh, I not only get energy, but it puts me in a better mood automatically. As for the positive quotes, I feel like I get super discouraged when I look in the mirror at 7am and see what a mess college has made me, so it’s just nice way for me to remember why I’m in college, what my overall goals are in life, and get some encouragement.
  6. Get that groove on♩ ♪ ♫ ♬.  Unless you have a roommate that you have to be mindful of waking up, I highly recommend turning up some great jams. Try having a dance party…or not. Either way, music is good for the soul.
  7. You are entitled to a nap. After getting your stuff done, you honestly deserve a nap. All college students deserve a nap. Try doing 45 minutes or less, and you’ll notice a difference in your productivity levels. I literally schedule my naps in my planner or else I do not sleep enough. Don’t feel bad about it. Just go take a blowing nap after your productive day.

Hope these help you in some sort of way! Let me know what else you all want me to write about, and thanks for reading!

-Giulia ♥


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