New York State of Mind

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A little over a month ago I visited NYC for the first time. I cannot explain to you all what a dream come true the whole experience was for me. Not only did NYC match everything I ever saw in some of my favorite movies, but the people and architecture were ten times better in person. For as long as I can remember I dreamed of walking around in Brooklyn, visiting the places where those iconic Gossip Girl scenes were filmed, and pretending like I owned an apartment in the heart of Manhattan. Overall, after just this one time visiting, it’s pretty much a given that I will live there one day.

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As soon as we got into the city, I swear my heart rate went through the roof and my eyes started to water. I have never been happier in the United States of America than when I walked through this city, and yes, I was even happier than when I became a citizen. The whole time, of course, “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift was playing in my head. Either that, or Alicia Keys’s ” New York State of Mind”. At one point, as we were walking around at night, the song actually came on and we all screamed and pulled out our phones to record it.

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The main reason I went to NYC was for an organization (Future Business Leaders of America) that I was the President of for the past 2 years. Their main Career Connections conference was held in NYC, and I instantly knew I wanted to go. What’s even more amazing is that I got to go with two of my best friends, Payton and Alyssa. We fought maybe 80 different times, sassed each other constantly, and fit in perfectly with the NYC crowd. It was lovely.

nyc 6nyc 11

When I looked up on this street, the only thought that passed through my mind was “Wow, my future office looks amazing in this light.”

nyc 12nyc 13

Rockefeller Center was a total dream! Our hotel was a 5 minute walk away from it, and my only regret was not going ice-skating. This just means  I have yet one more reason to come back for next Christmas.

nyc 14nyc 24nyc 23nyc 25

My whole outfit , other than my coat, was from Forever 21! So many people gave me compliments on it, either in person or on Instagram, and the whole ensemble didn’t total more than 40$. I will always love that store!

nyc 26nyc 29

Alyssa’s (pictured above) dad was actually our pilot to NYC! Probably one of the most iconic moments in my life. I have known Alyssa’s family for the past 12 years, so it was extra special to not only know the pilot and be able to tour and board the plane before everyone else, but to also experience it all with some of my best friends.

nyc 27

Night time in NYC? Magical. So many people explained how unsafe NYC was and how crime-ridden it is, and yes, I may or may not have felt uncomfortable a few times. However, the whole night time vibe of NYC is something else. I think I loved walking around at night, even in the freezing cold, more than during the day time due to the random nostalgia it brought me. #citythatneversleeps

nyc 61

nyc 31nyc 39

Of course, we became the most basic tourists and had to go visit Times Square. After seeing it so many times on my TV or in movies, I was honestly a bit in shock to see it in real life. It was so much more grandiose than I expected it to be, and I couldn’t help but think “Wow, I really wish my face was on one of these billboards!” Maybe one day, am I right?

nyc 40nyc 41nyc 42

Not pictured: The hour we spent looking for Milk Bar so that Alyssa could enjoy some cake. Major fail, but one day we shall find it and enjoy some of the best pastries in NYC.

nyc 44

Also not pictured: Me yelling at Payton and Payton yelling back at me ~ constantly~ over not getting the good angles for my pictures for the blog and the Insta.

nyc 53nyc 55nyc 56nyc 58nyc 59nyc 68nyc 69nyc 72nyc 73nyc 62

One of my favorite spots we visited was  DUMBO, Brooklyn. Many iconic Gossip Girl scenes were filmed here, and I was ecstatic to step in the same places the cast did.

nyc 74

Last but not least, I was able to visit the iconic Tiffany & Co. How could I not pay tribute to the wonderful Aubrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s?


Thank you for reading,

Giulia ♥

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