San Francisco Adventures

During the last month of 2018, I was lucky enough to visit SF with my brother and my boyfriend. I had been just once before, but this trip was easily my favorite. We visited Chinatown, the Painted Ladies, Pier 39, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Mr. Holmes Bakery, and even the Mrs. Doubtfire house! Needless to say, there were plenty of photo opportunities, and I even got to see an old friend , Yonni, while we were there!

The whole time we were hanging out at the Painted Ladies, eating our croissants from Mr. Holmes Bakery (which were delish), I had the Full House theme song playing in my head. Who wouldn’t?

We then followed the road all the way to the Mrs. Doubtfire House, which was first on Jax’s sight-seeing list since he loves the movie. It was quite a long walk from the Painted Ladies, but I still enjoyed it since the architecture on this street is simply gorgeous. Those Victorian homes have been there for quite some time, and some have even been modernized, so it was lovely for us to walk around and pretend like we also lived down in the neighborhood.

If you know who Robin Williams is, then chances are you’ve also heard of 2640 Steiner Street, SF.

It was bittersweet to read the messages left there for Mr. Williams, and to think back on his wonderful career.

Our hotel was actually in Chinatown, so we went exploring! I have only been to one Chinatown before, in the UK with my dad last year, and I was very excited to compare it to the one in SF. Both were lovely, and the people were very kind and talented.

We also visited Pier 39 and got a wonderful view of the bridge in a random neighborhood we walked to after Jax found it!

My brother, Nicolas, then showed us all how to model!

Lastly, we finished off the trip with clam chowder from Boudin’s! Best clam chowder I have ever had…hands down. We also took a tour of their bread factory, but all my photos of that are gone #nexttime.

Thank you so much for reading!



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