Job Shadow Experience with Stowebridge Promotion Group Inc.


Through a selective interview process at the Northern Arizona University W.A. Franke College of Business, I was chosen as a candidate to job shadow the CEO of Stowebridge Promotion Group Inc., Ms. Kathy Finnerty Thomas. She actually received her Bachelor’s Degrees from Northern Arizona University, and then worked for Kodak as Director of Marketing and as  a part of Sales and Training. During my time at Stowebridge, I was able to understand and learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of an advertising company from her, and the industry of promotional products as a whole. Not only was I invited to multiple company meetings alongside Ms. Thomas, where I learned how to conduct business with sales representatives, financial institutions, and customers, but I was able to see first-hand how a day in the life of an entrepreneur is like and what to expect of this type of industry.

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How My Business Organizations Have Helped Me Abroad


As most of you know, I am a Business Management major at Northern Arizona University, and I am also in the process of gaining two Business Certificates in International Business and in Marketing alongside my Bachelor’s degree. My ultimate goal, however, is to specialize in Human Resources. Due to business being such a passion of mine, as you all can see by my fields of study, I joined three specific business clubs within my high school career and my college one. I am part of DECA, Future Business Leaders of America, and American Marketing Association. I have been part of FBLA for the longest though, with 6 years and counting. Most of my confidence and communication skills were built within this organization throughout high school, and even today in my second year of college.

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Scotland, You Stole My Heart.


Scotland was definitely one of my top 3 places I visited while studying abroad. I actually loved it so much, that I feel like I should move there in my thirties or forties after I have my career in check. My life there would honestly be completely content, I believe. Everyone I met while in Scotland was so incredibly nice and friendly, the landscapes and architecture were absolutely beautiful, and nothing really beats the history of Scotland either.

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Goals for my 20s…Not just 2017.



I recently turned 20 in November of 2016. It feels really unusual to tell people that I’m no longer a teen. I still forget that I’m not in high school …now I’m 20 too? It’s really nerve-wracking to me that I’m part of the 20s club, because it official means I’m an adult. Yes, you are declared an adult when you turn 18 in most places, but in the States you’re not really an adult until your 20s…specifically when you’re 21. I’m a year away from that. Im two years away from graduating university. I graduated high school, like, yesterday. Right? Maybe not, but it sure does feel that way. I decided that since I have entered a new decade of life, I need to revise my goals and priorities in life. Mainly, I decided to make a list of things that I find important to me. I wanted to make this list to remind myself of what I want to enjoy in the next ten years, and to just get some good stuff done before I get too mixed up in paying student loans,working for my future supervisor, advancing in my career, then getting married and reproducing.

  • Don’t let compliments get to my head, and don’t let criticism get to my heart. I think this is a must with the career I’m pursuing in business, or eventually law, and in regards to the woman I’m trying to become. I’ve also failed at understanding this advice previously in my teens, especially the criticism part in regards to school and competition, and I hope to fix that in my 20s.
  • Ride a hot air balloon. It’s been a dream since I was a child, and it only cost 200 bucks. Worth it.
  • Buy a car.
  • Go skydiving. Also a very fun adventure that’s worth around 200 bucks, and I might die with this one, but it’s still kind of worth it if I survive.
  • Go visit 7 more European countries…preferably Prague, Sweden, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland,and Poland. (See my previous travel posts in the “Adventures” section of my blog.)
  • Get a pet…I’m starting with a sweet little beta fish this month.
  • Stop worrying about things I cannot change about other people. This mostly has to do with family members and people who I worry about when I really shouldn’t.
  • Stop thinking I can change people. I noticed I see the good in a lot of people, even when they’re so clearly selfish or judgmental, but the more realistic I become, the less stress and heartache I get from caring about other people’s traits. If they want to change for the better, they will. If they don’t, then it’s really not my problem anymore.
  • Stop being scared of failing at things.
  • Visit New York. Dream since I came out of the womb I think?
  • Move to a new place…maybe New York since I want to graduate from NYU eventually.
  • Exercise more. Even if it’s just a 20 minute walk.
  • Get better at yoga and at reading what my body is trying to tell me. No, this isn’t part of my “exercise more” goal. I’ve been doing yoga for about 2 years now ,on and off weekly, and it’s really helped me out mentally and physically. I have more goals in regards to bettering myself through yoga, and I’m afraid that after I graduate NAU at 22 (where I first started my yoga classes), I might not keep up with it after.
  • Get started with my career in a company that embodies progressiveness and entrepreneurship. Too many people accept working for horrible people, just so they can receive a nice salary. I look for more than just money and benefits, and I hope to find a place that has the same goals as me.
  • Get a Master’s or a Law degree…or both.
  • Go to more concerts, and have more crazy nights with friends and people I love.
  • Finish my list of classic novels.
  • Go volunteer in more political organizations and events.

I hope to keep all of this up. I guess I can just remind myself of this blog post and make sure I do it all haha. Thank you for reading.

-Giulia 🙂

Amsterdam, I Love You.


The last trip I took on my study abroad experience was to Amsterdam. I never really thought that I would get to enjoy such a beautiful and famous place by the age of 20…but I did. This trip was phenomenal, and Italy had been my absolute favorite so far, but now I think it’s a tie between the two.

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Flat 14 Essex University Christmas Party-Lit as Heck

Merry Christmas from Flat 14 at Essex University! About a week ago, we all decorated our flat aka our kitchen and had an enormous last dinner together. I never thought Tanner and I would make such incredible and real friends while we were abroad. I am so thankful to have met every single individual that we lived in close proximity with, and I am so grateful for all our crazy and insane memories together.



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Study Abroad-Differences Between the UK and US School System

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Since I just finished my Autumn term at University of Essex in England, and I was on exchange from Northern Arizona University with this whole study abroad experience, I thought it would only be right for me to discuss the major school system differences between the U.K. and the U.S. for those who are curious or wanting to study abroad themselves.

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Social Media and Its Influence on Contemporary Politics


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In today’s society, most individuals are strictly reliant on social media and television when it comes to receiving any new information or news. This has been a common behavior throughout the last few decades, but it could be considered extremely prominent in the 2000s. With such a drastic increase of access to the internet and availability of electronic devices that provide easy access to media, a rise in political activism through social media has inevitably occurred.

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Why My Trip to Paris Changed Me


During my whole study abroad time here in the UK, I made it a goal to not only keep my grades in check and make new friends, but to also visit as many countries as I could before I had to forcefully go home. I haven’t made my blog posts about Germany, Luxembourg, or Scotland yet, even though I posted the pictures on Facebook. The reason I’m taking time out of my hectic schoolwork to write about Paris today though is pretty hilarious.

I think at this point Paris has been the most memorable due to the crazy subway issues we’ve had, the gypsy children we encountered that solved those said Metro issues, the fact that our friends got pickpocketted during the first day of the trip, the fact that I went to Disneyland before my 20th birthday and that’s super significant to me, and last but not least, the fact that our Airbnb was outta this world.

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Venice and Treviso-The Most Mesmerizing Places in Italy


I know most people don’t enjoy doing crazy touristy things since it’s so cliche, but going to Venice and being a full-blown tourist was probably the best decision I have made. We booked our Airbnb in Treviso (read further for the horrible story about our room), but our main goal was to see the marvelous Venezia, and now I can finally check that off the bucket list too. Oh, and the whole wine and dine factor of Italy didn’t hurt either.

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