Brittany Ferris- The Kindest Person You’ll Ever Meet

I met Brittany at a time in my life where I had decided that I did not want or need any more friends. I was actually set on not getting to know her, or anyone else in college, since it would be too time-consuming. I had decided that I already had enough friends, so why would I bother with yet another conversation-starter and “getting-to-know-you” interview? Well, that’s obviously not what happened here, considering we’ve been friends for the past 3 years.

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Mia Pique- The Random Roommate Who Changed My Life


I met Mia Pique during my freshman year of college at NAU, since she just so happened to be the lucky random roomie that got assigned to me. I thought I wouldn’t like her. I feared that she would be crazy… or rude… or loud and impolite. I thought she could be mean, or maybe she would hate me, and I’d feel bad in my own dorm. None of that happened. I didn’t even expect what happened.

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Simran Matken-The Old Soul


I met Simran in 2016, somewhat only due to the fact that she was going to live with one of my best friends, Mia, who had been my first roomie in college. I had to meet the person that was taking over while I was off studying abroad instead of harassing Mia. I’m so beyond glad that Simran happened to be the new adventure in Mia’s life, because otherwise I would not have had the chance to meet such a lovely human.

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