Something that I decided to make a hobby back in December of 2015 was photography. I, by no means, believe I am a professional. I took an “Intro to Photography” course in high school (shout out to Mrs. Webster♥), and I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I actually owned a pink bedazzled camera when I was 9, so you can see how much I enjoyed it.

However, I really didn’t realize how much I liked photography as a whole until I made the decision to purchase a 300$ camera on Amazon for my upcoming Study Abroad trip to England. After messing around with it, I started taking photos of my friends and turned it into an affordable business. All of the pictures on my blog have been taken by me, and if I post any that haven’t been, you’ll be able to tell because I give the other photographer credit or post the link of where I got the photo. You can see my work in the links below:

-Giulia ♥