Meet My Big ( Sister in Chi Omega) Bri Pritchett


For those of you who may be completely confused about what a “Big” or a “Little” is in simple English, please let me give you the synopsis. Greek life pairs an older member (starting their sophomore year if they choose to have a little) with a new member of that sorority or fraternity. This person is then considered your big sister or little sister. We usually shorten that into your “big” or “little” in order to make it easier. I am actually writing about my Big in this blog post of the “Diverse Friends” section because she’s a pretty rad human-being, and she’s shown me a lot about life. She is one of the most motivated people I have ever met, and I’m not sure how she can always be so positive even when most people would give up in certain situations that she’s been through. She’s someone that I would not have met without the help of Chi Omega, and it’s really hard to imagine not having her as a friend and support system in life.

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