Růže Cake House Magic

Today I decided to visit an incredible coffee and cake place in the Downtown Scottsdale area called “Růže Cake House”. I had heard about it previously from Pinterest and Instagram, and I am a huge sucker for anything cute and coffee-related, so I was super excited to try it out. I was completely in love. Their selection of Boba teas, iced coffees, lattes, cakes, macaroons, danishes , and sweet creations did not let me down in any way. As for the customer service? Impeccable…just like the aesthetic qualities of the whole place. I will definitely be visiting again!

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Why My Trip to Paris Changed Me


During my whole study abroad time here in the UK, I made it a goal to not only keep my grades in check and make new friends, but to also visit as many countries as I could before I had to forcefully go home. I haven’t made my blog posts about Germany, Luxembourg, or Scotland yet, even though I posted the pictures on Facebook. The reason I’m taking time out of my hectic schoolwork to write about Paris today though is pretty hilarious.

I think at this point Paris has been the most memorable due to the crazy subway issues we’ve had, the gypsy children we encountered that solved those said Metro issues, the fact that our friends got pickpocketted during the first day of the trip, the fact that I went to Disneyland before my 20th birthday and that’s super significant to me, and last but not least, the fact that our Airbnb was outta this world.

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Oxford and Regent Street Magic


This past Friday I achieved yet another one of my bucket list goals, and I finally visited the wondrous Regent and Oxford Street. I don’t think anyone will understand just how happy I was to be walking on those sidewalks.

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